„Speak, friend, and enter.“

Welcome to the epic journey of three hobbyists, who decided to join forces to bring J.R.R. Tolkien’s world of Middle-earth to life. 
Welcome to a world of high adventure, welcome to Jomada – Adventures in Middle-earth!

Little is known about the origins of the word Jomada and although we cannot be certain about its meaning and its derivation, some people say that it might have its seeds in the tongue of the Kuduk, the little people, who some call the Holbytlan, hole-dwellers, Halflings or simply Hobbits. Maybe it means “friendship”, maybe it means “treasure”, but none of the wise men of Middle-earth was able to tell us, so we went on to an adventure to find its one true meaning.

Jomada – Adventures in Middle-earth is an experiment. It is the attempt of three long-time hobbyists, to share their dedication for the wargaming-hobby. Jomada will envision our picture of wargaming in Middle-earth and will feature articles and tutorials around the hobby. We will explore the worlds of Games Workshop’s Lord of the Rings / The Hobbit Strategy Battle Game and might even dig deeper into visualising Middle-earth with alternative rule sets and miniatures to stay as close as possible to the ideas of John Ronald Reuel Tolkien without whom this place wouldn't exist.

Join us on a journey to uncharted lands and help us to find Jomada.

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