Sonntag, 3. März 2013

This is Jomada!

Welcome travellers,

back in the time when we started our hobby career, other hobbyists were primarily found in our local gaming stores. Wargaming was pretty much a regional thing back then. The internet was of much minor importance but when we finally discovered it, we were at once flooded with useful hobby information and helpful tricks by friendly veterans.

The Jomada team has its roots in the German LotR SBG community This is the place where we were introduced to the mystery cult of drybrushing and applying static gras to bases. This is the place where our understanding of the hobby developed. With the release of the Hobbit-movies and the return of Middle-earth to the big screens we started focussing our hobby activities on Middle-earth again. We wanted to give something back to this community and all those other hobbyists worldwide from whom we learned so much and whose inspiring projects left us marvelling so often. This place is dedicated to all those from whom we learned and still learn.

Thanks for the wonderful time and feel welcome on

Jomada - Adventures in Middle-earth

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