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Tutorial: Azanulbizar Bases - Step by Step

This guide shows you how to create a rocky base similar to the Azanulbizar battle scene from the Hobbit movie.

Getting started
Before you can start with the painting you have to be a dwarvish miner to get some little rocks for your bases. I used a slate plate from the hardware store and crushed it with a hammer. Make sure that you get various sizes of little stones.

Step by Step
1. Pick up some little slate stones and stick them on your base for assembling a rocky scenery. Use super glue for best results.

2. Next step is sanding your base. As usual you can use PVA glue and modelling sand for filling the leftover base parts. In this case i used one of GW texture colours called "Stirland Mud". The advantage is that you get your texture and a basecoat brownish colour in one step.

3. Once dry, get your base a heavy drybrush of GW Baneblade Brown.

4. Now it's time for highlighting.  Drybrush just the slate areas with Vallejo Game Color Stonewall Grey or GW Administratum Grey.

5. Drybrush Vallejo Game Color Stonewall Grey and GW Ushabti Bone 50:50 mixture

6. Drybrush GW Ushabti Bone and after that a very light drybrush of GW white scar

7. Now ink the whole base with thinned down Vallejo Smoke. This step gives your greyish unrealistic  looking base a very natural beige-coloured look.

8. At least its time for painting the base edge. I suggest brown or grey colours. Advice for better looking bases: keep always the base edge darker than the base top. So you get a better contrast.

For my Azanulbizar styled bases I used Vallejo Model Color German Grey.

Thanks for reading!

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